It is a pretty well-known fact that market research companies struggle with marketing. REAL Insight is no different. We care too much about the nuance of what makes our approaches effective, so we choose to focus on selling that instead of the higher-order benefits. However, we know so much about how to test new product innovation and packaging that we thought we might highlight the goodness of REAL Insight as if we were a product instead.

Introducing REAL Insight: Better Ingredients. Expertly Crafted.

So why is REAL Insight trail mix? It is real food, transparent, substantive. It is good for you but also has delighters to discover. You will feel good eating it and feel even better as it fuels you on your mission. It is versatile as a snack or a meal. This is NOT food that entices you into eating something you regret later.

When it comes to research ingredients, we look for authenticity and quality of both the consumers we invite to participate as well as the environment in which we learn. Delivering on both makes execution more difficult, but our expertise, proven process, right tools, and inspired team consistently bring it all together and ensure the quality ingredients turn into actionable outcomes every time.

This is part 1 of 3 introducing REAL Insight. Part 2 will dive more specifically into what our ingredients are and what makes them better. Part 3 will then explore the process and expertise that is behind the craftsmanship.


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