Our Mission

We are a team committed to connecting clients with authentic consumer behavior through in-context research. We deliver excellence with each project through the use of innovative and effective research methodologies while enjoying the journey.

A highly collaborative environment, REAL Insight is committed to building and maintaining a team that brings diverse perspectives and talents to the mix while operating with the cohesiveness that can only come from a team of people who genuinely like each other.  Our clients get the best of all worlds as a result.

Meet Our Team

Luke Cahill
Managing Principal, #1 Fan

With enthusiasm and a great deal of care, Luke stands steady at the helm of Real Insight. Navigating the way to big picture thinking by strategically designing solutions to answer a variety of research needs, he ensures all outputs deliver the highest quality you expect from Real Insight. His passion for research is matched only by his love for hockey, especially watching his kids play.

Anne Hacker
Office Manager, Angel

Where would REAL Insight be without Anne? She really is the glue that keeps us all together. Seamlessly, she manages our team, our finances, and makes sure our day-to-day operations are well-oiled, all while being our moral compass and head cheerleader—a skill she takes with her to the rink as one of her favorite past times includes cheering on the Minnesota Wild, ideally from section C19 at the Xcel Energy Center.

Stacey Schmitt
CFO/COO, Nimble Navigator

With a calm but confident demeanor, Stacey provides business and financial guidance. Acting as an independent advisor, she helps navigate through the inevitable challenges and certain changes that come with growth. Knowledgeable in all things business, she adds value by aligning desired growth with profitability. A terrible baker and wonderful cook don’t ask to borrow a measuring cup, she does it all by feel!

Michelle DeVaughn
Senior Project Director, Your Best Friend

Michelle is a seasoned marketing pro who uses her curious inclination and stellar puzzle-solving skills to extract and translate what people perceive, feel, and experience. She is warm and fun right from the get-go, setting people at ease to openly share their thoughts. When she’s not setting people up for success, she’s setting her Pickle Ball partner up for a slam on the courts. When it comes to exercise, being social, and learning opportunities, this ever-moving extravert is all in.

Molly Volker
Senior Project Director, Passionate Dreamer

Building empathy is a driving force behind Molly’s research philosophy. She is passionate about her projects and weaves integrity, empathy, and awareness together to create a strong ethical foundation that tirelessly brings more and more voices to the table. You will often find this compassionate heart on a walk in the woods—camera in hand—taking in the moss, mycelium, and lichens.


Jennifer Carrasco
Senior Project Director, Advocate for All

There is no project too big or too complicated for Jen. Analytical and methodical in her thinking, she carefully tailors her projects with concise detail to uncover important insights. Her strong teaching background is an invaluable asset as she elevates and encourages all around her to be their best self both in and out of the office. Jen's attention to detail really comes in handy whether she’s concocting the perfect cocktail or coming up with an ideal itinerary for when you're traveling to one of the many places she has visited.



Emma Connolly
Project Director, Curious Inquisitor

Emma excels at building and fostering connections, whether it be with clients, consumers, or store management. Genuinely funny and fun, she integrates her irresistible charm and intoxicating humor to gain valuable consumer insights. An adventure-seeking Aussie, there is never a dull moment with Emma around.

Joan Hanson
Project Director, Experienced Confidant

Joan comes to us with a depth of retail experience and research knowledge which she utilizes to build consumer-based strategies to help businesses grow.  Believing an effective strategy starts with developing a deep understanding of consumer needs, her genuine and warm presence has you willingly leaving your heart in her hand. Her heart however resides in warm summer days out on the lake of her family cabin, enjoying time with family and her grand baby. 


Sarah Morrison
Creative Director & Quantitative Analyst, Our Girl Friday

Have a problem? Sarah will fix it. Have something ugly? Sarah will make it beautiful. Getting old and suburban? Sarah will make you cool(er). Other magical powers include her knowledge and collection of herbal teas, remedies for any ailment and her knack for visual and textual representation of data.

Katie Buckeye
Associate Project Director, Hardworking Health Nut

Designing effective visuals to creatively and beautifully illustrate research findings is Katie’s trademark. A bridge between Project Directors and Research Associates, she is a pillar of support and a professional at creating a polished product complete with high-quality insights.  With a master’s degree in Healthcare Innovation from St. Thomas, Katie is a vital part of our Healthcare Team. In her free time, you will find her exercising at a local yoga studio—barre and burn classes are her favorite!

Jennifer Krueger
Associate Project Director, Detailed Daredevil

With the ability to quickly and accurately evaluate participant answers, Jenny helps to make analysis sweet and painless.  With a heart for the outdoors and always looking for the next thrill-seeking adventure, she brings a willingness to jump right in and get a little dirty, all while tracking the pieces as they fall.  That makes sense since in her free time you might find her skydiving while overlooking gorgeous Lake Superior, daring to hike Angels Landing, and visiting breweries in between.

Carrie Bosmans
Research Associate, Nordic Goddess

Inescapably empathetic and pleasantly pale, Carrie comes to REAL Insight ready and willing to absorb consumer thoughts and feelings. Having studied Relational Communication, she’s a natural fit into the qualitative research realm where she seamlessly switches from field support to report writer. A devoted dog mom, she’s never short of stories about her pup, Penny.

Sabrina Bui
Research Associate, Motivated Multi-tasker

A high producing, always moving, and critical piece of the REAL Insight pie, Sabrina is the queen of behind the scenes. Having spent time assisting research projects at the University of Minnesota, she puts her experience to use and follows her curiosity headfirst into qualitative analysis. This curiosity gives her a love for research and a drive for understanding. She is sugar and spice and everything nice and comes to us with amazing cake baking skills!

Sheila Dingels
Recruitment Coordinator, Generous Go-Getter

Being with REAL Insight for over 10 years, Sheila’s role is ever-evolving.  When in need of an incredible eagle eye, the impressive ability to sort and make sense of complex situations, and a positive, fun can-do attitude, we call upon Sheila “Tequila” Dingels. She has rarely met a specialty cocktail she didn’t like! With a passion for finding purpose in community involvement, you will often find Sheila volunteering her time and gifts in a variety of ways—whether it's social justice issues, hunting down long-lost gravestones for strangers, or helping homeless families pick out furnishings for their new homes.

Tyler McGruder
Moderator, Model Millennial

Confident and compassionate, Tyler can’t help but leave a good impression. Often leaving respondents to think, “Wow, did her warm brown eyes just see into my soul?”, Tyler uses humor and empathy to bring out the best in respondents and gain valuable insight.  Always on the go, never here nor there, her free spirit is reliable, yet hard to pin down. Does she currently live in L.A.? One may never know.

Sarah Steinke
Moderator, Sincere Supporter

Utilizing a background in teaching and analytical thinking, Sarah is an adept listener and an expert at asking the right questions. Naturally inquisitive and excitedly sociable, she navigates communication with ease. A friend to all, Sarah supports the team with flexibility and grace. When she’s not supporting RI, you will find Sarah immersed in the breathtaking beauty of her community, teaching, and singing.

Emily Winter
Recruitment Coordinator, Flexible Friend

Emily is an ever-supportive, ever-driven part of our team. Her eagerness to make sure all projects go smoothly is an imperative piece of the REAL Insight puzzle. Whether she’s in the aisle with us, or working the phones, she is for sure being helpful and making everyone feel at ease. Emily’s natural curiosity is also at play when she’s exploring the side streets in new cities or tracking down long lost ancestors