This is the time of year when reflection is easy.

And this year, it is fun as well! REAL Insight enjoyed a good year full of successful projects, and some of our other developments truly made it great! Here are a few of the highlights:


We experienced a baby boom!

Five little researchers have joined the team. We can’t wait for their girl powers to take the world by storm.

Our team grew by three!

Morgan, Claire, and Carrie have joined us in the fun. Our team is as diverse in talents as we have always been, yet more cohesive than ever. We’ve had a great time executing projects together and providing grateful brand teams with actionable insights.

We continued to leverage our First Moment of Truth proprietary approaches.

Using our System 1 methodologies, we have uncovered some truly fascinating, unexpected, and critical insights.

We have refined our in-store quantitative methodology.

We put this validation methodology to work on several high profile projects which added huge value to teams facing challenging and significant business decisions.

We have built turn-key relationships in five new markets.

Hello Seattle, Denver, New York, Des Moines, and Kansas City!


We thank all of our clients this year for the trust you place in us, the fun you have had with us, and your commitment to executing research in real environments with real people to gain authentic insights.


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