Two major brands in the dairy aisle had strategic reasons to want to make substantive changes to their package design. Both of their categories are highly habituated, which carries a high degree of risk with a redesign.​


  • Both studies followed the same in-store methodology.  ​
  • Fielding took place in multiple markets nationwide.  ​
  • Prototype packaging of test designs front-faced existing product when not testing control.  ​
  • Quant sample was built through intercepts and some pre-recruited respondents.


For one brand, purchase rate of one of the three test designs was over 20% higher than Control while also evoking key design objectives.  The brand team moved forward with a change to its iconic package, while experiencing an increase in sales of 20% YoY. ​

For the other brand, purchase rate of one of the three test designs showed a meaningful drop in sales compared to Control, with most of the movement going to their primary category competitor.  They moved ahead with a more conservative and incremental design strategy and avoided the most significant alienation.​