The start of a new year is always exciting!

A fresh beginning. Full of anticipation. It helps to be coming off of a strong end to 2017 and kicking off the new year with a busy January.

We are kicking off a fun year with a fresh environment: a newly renovated office! Our space now has more spots for collaboration (and more spots to escape from collaboration).

Continuity and closeness have always been appreciated and prioritized by our team and open-office layout.  However, as many recent articles suggest, sometimes you need to get away and get some work done. As with most things in life, the ideal set-up is creating a balance of both: so we did!

In other news…

Our Reno911 and In-O-v8 teams have been hard at work! We’ll keep you up-to-date with these new developments in coming newsletters and blog posts. Because of their efforts, we will be:
  • going live with a new project management system to help us groove even more smoothly
  • growing our list of turn-key retailer options
  • vetting a new quick-turn around video solution
  • working on a few other things we will announce as our dreams become reality!
 I am grateful to the team, our client partners, and our supplier partners for a good 2017. As we move into 2018, I look forward to an even better year ahead and am excited to see where it takes us. Happy New Year!


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