Building consumer intuition is key to understanding what make them tick and what they care about.

This is the foundation for everything you do!

​We love revealing consumer intuition through our in-context methodologies that allow us to inspire authentic behavior that drive actionable insights for our clients. We are passionate about helping CPG companies become consumer-first organizations by actually talking to real consumers in an authentic environment.

Questions to Answer

  • What does your target care about?   
  • Who are your consumers and what are their lives like?​
  • How does your product fit into consumers’ lives?  ​
  • What are the jobs to be done that our products can fulfill?
  • Where and how do we reach consumers? What is the right message?

Consumer Intuition Solutions

– Our In-depth, asynchronous digital approach utilizing a wide variety of activities over 1 week, 1 month, or 1 year.  Supplement with live IDI’s or mobile shopalongs.​

– Get to understand your key consumers’ feelings and behaviors over time while also providing the opportunity to co-create with them. 

Ethnographies/Friend Groups​​
To gain a deep understanding of consumer needs and behaviors, ethnographies or friend groups help elicit personal and in-depth conversations in the context of the lives and spaces of your target population.

Brewed Insight Sessions
Sometimes the most genuine location for target consumers is not in the home, at the store, or in a sterile research facility. Brewed Insight sessions take place in social locations (E.g., favorite restaurant, brewery, coffee shop, park) where respondents are comfortable, can relax and share freely.