We help teams iterate throughout the product innovation journey to ensure the right ideas are optimized and invested in before launch.

Is this concept intuitive, appealing, motivating and worthy of further development?
Our in-context methodologies are built to help you understand how products in the innovation pipeline will perform. We then apply what we know and what we learn to help determine where to optimize and if a concept is worth developing. Our product innovation research capabilities will get you a deepest learning from concept screening to validation.

Questions to Answer

  • Which concept(s) are intuitive, appealing, motivating and worthy of further development?
  • How does this product breakthrough at-shelf?
  • Are all elements of the product optimized? How can each be improved?
  • Does the actual product experience align to expectations or is it being over or under-sold?

Product Innovation Research Solutions

Concept Screening and Prioritization
– Ideal for when evaluating multiple concepts early-on in the development process.

– Understand how new product ideas compare to what’s on shelf and to each other by getting consumer reaction to concepts in context.   ​

– This learning helps identify the concepts with the greatest interest and provides clear direction on improving the ideas to satisfy consumer needs.  

Concept Optimization and Validation 
– Gain insight into the First and Second Moments of Truth when evaluating consumer reactions to products on shelf and the usage experience at home.​

– Understand how the product performs holistically from category dynamics, packaging, price/value, perceived benefits, occasion, and product performance to in-market success.​

– If there is a desire for quantitative results, findings can be validated for projectable learning by conducting a robust number of interviews across touch-points.