Our package research is rooted in shopper behavior, System 1, and design principles. We pair that data with our expertise to guide recommendations for exploration, optimization, and validation.

Our value as a research partner on package research projects is rooted in our expertise gained through spending thousands of days observing people shopping and making purchase decisions.  We understand packaging needs to be functional and beautiful.​ That expertise brings value even in the exploratory phases or when testing in virtual environments. ​

Questions to Answer

  • What visual territories are most appealing and fit best with the brand? ​
  • Does the package design breakthrough at shelf? ​
  • Is the package design shoppable for consumers? 
  • What channel-specific insights can help inform the success of your product? ​
  • Does package design communicate the intended communication hierarchy? ​

Package Research Solutions

Foundational Grounding& Immersion
Connect with category shoppers to understand what is valued and what their mission is when shopping, what is attractive and what is subconsciously overlooked, what category conventions need to be retained, etc.

Territory Exploration & Prioritization​
Understand consumers’ emotional response, perceived fit with the brand and the greatest appeal to various design positioning territories. ​

Design Optimization
– Powerfully gain System 1 learning at the First Moment of Truth through evaluating design prototypes in a real-life context. 

– Understand how stoppable and shoppable each package design is as well as what is being evoked within the challenging competitive environment.

Design Validation
Gain the rigor and breadth of quantitative design testing without sacrificing the qualitative explanation that enables context-based optimization