Our Shopper Insights solutions help you understand a consumer’s entire shopper journey from the home all the way to their point of purchase.

We uncover shopper insights through in-context methods that allow us to go deeper to understand channel, category, and brand drivers.

Questions to Answer

  • How does your product get into shoppers’ consideration set starting in the home all the way to the store? 
  • What do shoppers pay attention to on their path to purchase? What are the triggers?
  • How do they shop the aisle? Your category? Your product? ​​
  • What are the category dynamics that must be considered for your product to break-through?
  • What is driving the sales performance of a new in-store marketing initiative? ​​

How we do it

Shopper Journey and Path-to-Purchase Mapping
Gain a comprehensive view of category shopping behavior, retailer/channel choice and drivers, and decision influences before/during/after a shopping trip.  We have a wide breath of in-person and online/mobile methods to craft an ideal solution to fit your need and budget.

In-Store Program Test
Understand why a new planogram or in-store marketing initiative is performing the way it is.  Unconscious and conscious qualitative feedback to ideas is collected to help understand the key drivers of appeal of an idea.  These interviews are often done as a supplement to a in-store market test or after launch. ​