The complexity and connectivity of life necessitates an in-context understanding of all influences impacting purchase decisions.

We provide the explanation, humanity, and depth of insight to support big data and help teams tell the full shopper story.

Shopper Intuition Journey

 Our robust shopper immersion solution offers an in-context multi-method approach that provides both depth and breadth of insight. Guided by our engaging and insightful expert facilitators, we will work with your team to dig deep, hone and focus, and come out with a unified direction and plan.  It is an ideal solution when you need a deeper understanding of a specific shopper type.

Path-to-Purchase Exploration

Gain a comprehensive view of category shopping behavior, retailer/channel choice and drivers, and decision influences before/during/after a shopping trip.  We have a wide breath of in-person and online/mobile methods to craft an ideal solution to fit your need and budget.

In-store Program Test

You might know how your products and overall category does from a volume standpoint, but our supplemental in-person or mobile qualitative solutions will help fully tell the story and explain what is truly going on behind the numbers.

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