For concepts to be successful, they need to be seen, understood, valued, and then deliver on those expectations. Each moment is critical to understand in context. Our innovation solutions help teams efficiently test and iterate throughout the innovation journey to ensure the right ideas are optimized and invested in without any unexpected post-launch surprises.

REAL Intuition Journey

Our flagship innovation foundation solution offers an in-context multi-method approach that provides both depth and breadth of insight. Guided by our engaging and insightful expert facilitators, we will work with your team to dig deep, hone and focus, and come out with a unified direction and plan. It is an ideal fit for your most challenging or important consumers or categories.

REAL Prioritization: At-Shelf Speed Dating

In order to understand how a new solution/product is better than what is currently available, rough concepts should be vetted and refined through in-context learning. Insights gleaned will help guide teams toward the concepts with the most promise while also providing insight into how to optimize them.  This performs well when testing multiple early-on concepts in the same category at the same time.

REAL Agility Toolkit

Choose from three scrappy, not crappy methods that bring objective and experienced eyes to team-led sprints.  These in-store, in-home, and/or online approaches offer speed, flexibility, and affordability while still bringing in-context authenticity.

REAL Optimization for Innovation

Our innovative method of testing prototype performance on shelf (in person) and the product usage experience at home (online/mobile) provides directional insight into the First and Second Moments of Truth.  Category dynamics, packaging, price/value, perceived benefits, occasion, and product performance are all addressed with this powerful method.

REAL World Assessment: In-Context New Product Testing

REAL World Assessment is a powerful and versatile research technique that captures behavioral, emotional, and attitudinal data within the environments that products will need to succeed in. A robust at-shelf and at-home solution for new, innovative products, it is ideal for brand teams with high-profile launches and a lot riding on their success without the time or money to do a test market.

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