For concepts to be successful, they need to be seen, understood, valued, and then deliver on those expectations. Each moment is critical to understand in context.

Our innovation solutions help teams efficiently test and iterate throughout the innovation journey to ensure the right ideas are optimized and invested in without any unexpected post-launch surprises.

Moment of Truth Labs

Our innovative method of testing prototype performance on shelf (in person) and the product usage experience at home (online/mobile) provides directional insight into the First and Second Moments of Truth.  Category dynamics, packaging, price/value, perceived benefits, occasion, and product performance are all addressed with this powerful method.

Co-Creation Communities

A cost-effective way to stay connected to a core group of consumers via online and in-person hybrid methods as they help provide inspiration and assistance along this iterative innovation process.

Concept Screening

In order to understand how a new solution/product is better than what is currently available, rough concepts should be vetted and refined through in-context learning. Our proprietary Spark Scale assessment can help guide teams toward the concepts with the most promise while also providing insight into how to optimize them.