Deeply embedded intuition is imperative for decision makers to best guide strategy. Since most marketers are not selling to themselves, foundational learning needs to be a part of the marketing plan.

REAL Intuition Journey*

 Our flagship empathy solution offers an in-context multi-method approach that provides both depth and breadth of insight. Guided by our engaging and insightful expert facilitators, we will work with your team to dig deep, hone and focus, and come out with a unified direction and plan. It is an ideal fit for your most challenging or important consumers or categories.

REAL Immersion*

Utilizing a web-based platform, REAL Immersions provide a versatile and powerful look into the lives of consumers through their eyes.  In-depth and practical, this approach maintains consumer touchpoints over a period of days and weeks, illuminating the diverse moments and occasions that together tell a meaningful story.
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REAL Friends and REAL Ethnographies*

To gain a deep understanding of consumer needs and behaviors, the use of ethnographies or friend groups can be employed to elicit personal and in-depth conversations in the context of the lives and sacred spaces of a target population.

REAL Brew Session*

Sometimes the most genuine location for target consumers is not in the home, at the store, or in a sterile research facility. These immersive sessions take place in authentic locations where the respondents are comfortable; adding social lubricant being an optional additional benefit.

*Indicates both virtual/online and in-person compatibility
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