REAL Insight has developed a stellar reputation as design testing experts, rooted in an appreciation for testing in context and the impact of System 1 behavior. No matter where you are in the design process, we have a solution to help you.

REAL Iteration: Online Qual*

Immersive design optimization process involving marketing and design team engaging with respondent feedback through online methods.  The focus here is understanding the emotional response to different design territories.

REAL Optimization*

Powerfully gain System 1 learning at the First Moment of Truth through testing design prototypes in their real life context.  Understand how stoppable and shoppable each design is, and what is being evoked within the challenging competitive environment.

REAL Validation

Gain the rigor and breadth of quantitative design testing without sacrificing the qualitative explanation that enables context-based further optimization.

REAL Ecommerce*

Efficiently gain intuition on how packages also tested in-aisle perform in the context of a digital shopping environment.

*Indicates both virtual/online and in-person compatibility

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