Ensure you’re as happy when your sales numbers come in as you were the day of launch.

Optimize product, package, pipeline, category, channel, and communications

  • Do you need packaging and design that truly drives awareness and trial because its all the marketing you have?
  • Do you need this next launch to be a hit? 
  • Do you need to understand channel-specific insights to drive launch or growth strategy, while keeping your most important customers happy?
  • Do you need to know how product performance will align with expectations?
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Our Approach

Case Study

A small nut butter brand had grown through ecommerce channels prior to launching in brick & mortar with limited success.  The brand team was left with many questions for how to succeed at-shelf.

Case Study

Two major brands in the dairy aisle had strategic reasons to want to make substantive changes to their package design. Both of their categories are highly habituated, which carries a high degree of risk with a redesign.