REAL Insight has led projects across a variety of industries that successfully identified consumer behavior and expectations in-context, helping our clients make better decisions.  

We know there are many small businesses and non-profit organizations that do not have budgets to do their own primary research or have a strategic thought partner work with them on insight-led solutions. In an effort to give back during this challenging time, we are looking to partner with two small businesses or nonprofits by offering our years of research expertise at no cost. If you are connected to a small business or non-profit that could benefit from this opportunity, please keep reading to learn how to be considered.

Instruction and qualifications

To be considered, please send a short overview to Emma Connolly ( by Wednesday, May 13th.  We will pick 2 organizations to work with over the next few weeks.  Please include the following in your overview:

  1. Give a brief background/explanation of your organization.
  2. What challenges/evolutions are you currently facing in your business?

Study Overview

This study will take place on our online platform and/or using virtual groups.  We will recruit participants from either customer lists and/or general population channels depending on the needs of the specific project.


WEEK 1Consultation/Kick-OffBegin Recruitment
WEEK 2Create Activity Guide
WEEK 3-4Field Research
WEEK 4Topline Summary
WEEK 5Final Report


  1. Obtain valuable, actionable insights on how to develop solutions to current challenges.
  2. Identify opportunities that you may not have previously been aware of.
  3. Grow your intuition about the community you serve and existing and potential customers.
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