Luke Cahill

Managing Principal, Fanatic
When he is not wrangling his four sons or obsessing over hockey, Luke is the visionary force behind the team. With a commitment to in-context research, he will strategize an optimal solution to your business questions, while using every dad joke in his robust arsenal to keep the team laughing (or groaning).

Michelle DeVaughn

Senior Project Director, Your Best Friend
It’s likely that there isn’t a thing on this Earth that Michelle can’t do. She’s been in the marketing industry for over twenty-five years now, and has maintained a strong tennis game throughout. With a smile that can light up a room of any size, Michelle brightens all projects with kindness and insight.

Jessica Fisher

Research Team Lead, Zen Master
Jess drank kombucha before it was trendy, practiced yoga before “wellness” was a buzzword, and she drives a Subaru. Jess just might be the coolest person in the office, but we don’t have to tell you that. How she manages the balance between moderating, innovating, and trend making, we’ll never know, but we bet she knows something about that: she’s a yoga teacher!

Jennifer Carrasco

Project Director, Trilingual Mixologist
¿Buscas hablantes de español? Look no further than Jen. Well-traveled and well-liked, she speaks French, too! Blessed with the gift of gab, Jen manages to uncover buried insights from both consumers and clients alike, and delivers detail rich reports. But that’s not the only reason we keep her around; she crafts the kind of Bloody Mary we’ll be talking about for years.

Sarah Morrison

Communication Strategist, Popstar/Concoctor of Things
Have a problem? Sarah will fix it. Have something ugly? Sarah will make it beautiful. Getting old and suburban? Sarah will make you cool(er). Other magical powers include her knowledge and collection of herbal teas, remedies for any ailment and her knack for visual and textual representation of data.

Tyler McGruder

Research Associate, Model Millennial
Tyler’s the kind of person that can make anyone feel at ease. She’s friendly. She’s stylish. She sings. She’s our very own “It” girl with a work ethic. You’ve seen her in the office rocking reports. You’ve seen her screening shoppers. You’ve seen her eating tacos. What will she do next?

Katie Buckeye

Research Assistant, Newbie Natural
This fresh-faced graduate thinks there’s nothing remarkable about her, but we know she’s wrong. You would never know she’s our newest employee because she’s a natural! While Katie’s cutting her marketing research teeth like the RA’s before her by writing reports and being an ever present support while in field, you can also find her at home cutting avocados because she’s probably making guacamole.

Beth Wa-Baguma

Moderator, Southern Belle
With a smile that has launched a thousand interviews, Beth brings a bubbly and genuine personality to all her interactions. With a warmth that makes anyone she talks to feel valued, she has no trouble getting respondents to open up. The perfect combination of Minnesota Nice and Southern Hospitality.

Anne Hacker

Office Manager, Angel
Where would REAL Insight be without Anne? We don’t really want to know. She keeps REAL Insight running financially, makes sure our day to day operations are well oiled and functional, and that our team is as on top of our game as she is invoices. Sure, every office might have a manager. But we have an Anne, which is that and so much more.

Stacey Schmitt

CFO/COO, Nimble Navigator
Stacey is our financial and operational orienteer and brings gobs of experience to ensure our processes and profitability are on course. No icebergs ahead with her at the helm! Coincidentally, she does the same at home with her family navigating baseball, basketball, you name it, which leads us to wonder if she’s ever off the clock.

Molly Volker

Project Director, Healthcare Warrior
The progenitor of Patient Voice, building empathy is a driving force behind Molly’s philosophy on research. Her passion for her projects is unmatched and she ferociously forges her way into unknown territories. Ask her about how beans will save the world.

Emma Connolly

Project Director, Australian Spy
Fearless, funny, and from down under, there is never a dull office moment with Emma around. After years of owning a salon, Emma is an expert on comfortably chatting with anyone while reading between the lines and has a bright future here at REAL Insight. We hate to disappoint, but she doesn’t have an accent.

Aliya White

Consultant, Creative Crafter
Creative, energetic, and kind, Aliya has a natural penchant for talking with respondents and making them feel relaxed and valued. Funnily enough, the same can be said for the greeting cards she crafts. Hallmark has nothing on her. Seriously. Her moderating chops coupled with a strong background in CPG make her invaluable to the team.

Joan Hanson

Moderator, Retail Therapist
With an incredible depth of marketing knowledge and experience, especially in the retail realm, Joan brings professionalism and panache to every study. She possesses deep humility and an absence of judgement that can only come from having been on the top, but preferring to be amongst the people. Ask her about whether JT or Xtina was the easier popstar to work with.

Sheila Dingels

Moderator, Expert Organizer
Organization is next to godliness. Or something like that. Having been with us for years, there are few cities or stores Sheila hasn’t done research in. When we need a moderator with an eye for getting everything sorted correctly and never missing a detail, we call upon Sheila “dairy-free” Dingels. She also loves to peruse the specialty cocktail list and has never made a poor choice.

Sarah Steinke

Online Moderator, Lives Really Far Away
Using a strong background in teaching as a foundation, Sarah is an expert at asking the right questions.  Naturally inquisitive and sociable, she navigates communication both in person and online with grace.  When she is not teasing out insights from respondents, she is chasing around her children and enjoying the beautiful outdoors.